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UPDATE 8/15/22: Hi Everyone! We wanted to give you an update on the opening of our Scotts Valley location. We've been getting a lot of messages about our opening and couldn't be more grateful for all the support and excitement about The Pizza Series coming to Scotts Valley! While we wanted to open later this summer, we'll be pushing our opening date to later this fall, we're projecting a November to early December opening! 


My fiancée, life & business partner, Maddy has been sick for almost two years with a failing liver caused by a rare genetic disease. She was just recently added to the liver transplant list at UCSF! 


With the news of her being listed, I've offered to become Maddy's live liver donor! Last week, I went through extensive testing at UCSF to see if I'm compatible to become her live donor. We've just received the great news that I've passed all my testing at UCSF and have been approved to become a live donor for Maddy!!! 


Our surgery date is scheduled for September 23rd! The recovery time on a major transplant surgery like this will take some time and varies from each individual. I will need 4-6 weeks of recovery being the live donor and Maddy's recovery will take a bit longer being the transplant recipient. 


Words will never be enough to describe how thankful and relieved I am to hear the news that I've been accepted to be her live donor!!! I can't wait to help save my fiancée life and get her healthy & happy again!!! 


We love you all and thank you so much for all your support and patience while we get through these trying times! I'm hoping and praying for a speedy recovery, and can't wait to get Maddy healthy so this power duo can open our Scotts Valley location and give something really special to the amazing Santa Cruz County community!!! 


We've set up a GoFundMe campaign to help us financially through these difficult times. Any contributions small or big would be greatly loved and appreciated! Link to GoFundMe...


                                                   We'll come out of all this stronger than ever!


                                                          Please share if at all possible!🙏🏼


                                                         Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 


                                                                -Maddy & Matt ❤️❤️❤️


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Owned and operated by Chef & World Pizza Champions team member, Matt Driscoll. With twenty-five years of pizza making experience and sixteen years of hospitality service experience, Chef Matt is bringing his passion for pizza making to his operations located at Stanford University & Scotts Valley. Chef Matt believes great pizza starts with a patience and an understanding of the pizza making craft, while also having an appreciation for great quality service provided to his guests. We'd love the opportunity to share with you, The Pizza Series experience!


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Specializing in multiple regional styles from Detroit Style to New York Style Pizza.

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